King’s compassion ministry has been serving the city’s elderly poor for over 20 years as a non profit. Providing food, services, and companionship to the disadvantaged elderly of San Antonio. King’s compassion works with companies like Pride Floors to bring our services to those who most need it.

We are proud to work with King’s compassion ministry to take care of San Antonio’s elderly.

“Mama Harvey is a living example of the ministry’s impact. The 88-year-old widow, who lives close to the AT&T center, had been scammed by thieves who failed to fix her dangerously damaged floor and stole her bed. King’s Compassion cleared out her home, fixed the floor (with donations and help from ministry supporter Pride Flooring), exterminated vermin, and even found her a bed.

Repairing floor for elderly
Pride Floors and Construction
installs a beautiful new
floor for 88-year-old
Mama Harvey.

“She became one of our dear ones,” Rose says.

All the items or services provided by King’s Compassion are completely free to their clients, which is why the ministry relies on funding from generous donors and volunteers to help do the work. The Reyeses run everything out of their home.” –