Please note with your sales person which items you would like Pride Floors & Construction to move.
Sorry; we do not move breakables, electronics (computer/entertainment)-connections by other trades, pool tables, pianos, anything that needs to be balanced, re-calibrated, tuned, etc. Please be prepared by removing bedding, clearing closet floors, clearing floors of small items (clothes, toys, shoes, etc.) Thank you for your attention to these details.

Baseboards, Appliances and Doors:


We will make every effort to avoid damaging baseboards/trim. Since we work close to the baseboard, it is possible that damage occur. Latex paints are the least forgiving. You may need to touch up areas.

Appliances & Toilets
We can remove and reset appliances. However; toilets, dishwashers and gas stoves will require us to contract a plumber on your behalf.

We will remove and rehang doors if necessary. In the event that new flooring hinders doorways we will have to adjust and / or cut the door. We do our best to anticipate these occurrences, yet are not responsible for foreseeing these issues. Therefore we will have to subcontract a carpenter and charge accordingly.

Pending Variables:

A level and secure subfloor, whether wood or concrete, is invaluable to a professional install, especially for wood or laminate. Once existing carpeting or flooring is removed, we will be able to better assess any floor or slab prep. if needed. Concrete slab leveling is the most common variable and additional charges will apply on a cost/bag basis. Plywood subfloor damage that requires more extensive attention may require the use of a carpenter and additional charges will apply. Existing “Squeaky” subfloors can be addressed but not guaranteed. We cannot be responsible for any repairs, replacement or removal of any floor / sub-floor not covered in our contract.

If you decide, for some reason, not to proceed with the work and cancel our contract, you will be refunded your deposit less our supplier’s 20% (may vary) re-stocking fee, freight charges and the labor we have expended on your job up to that time. If Pride Floors and Construction removes your existing floor in the discovery process (demo) we will NOT be able to put your existing floor back in place or provide an equal floor at no charge.