Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of your home, your kitchen is also hard-working command central. As a food production facility, homework station and entertainment center, it needs to provide solid functionality in every corner.

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It can be command central and the gathering space that is “the heart of your home.” So when a kitchen remodel is considered, the layout and functionality must realistically reflect your needs, personality, and lifestyle. To accomplish this goal, your kitchen layout must utilize every square inch with an efficient work triangle and the decorating must represent the character of your family.

Whatever your custom vision, Pride Floors can make any and all of your dreams come true for your kitchen and, subsequently, the rest of your home. Don’t wait any longer to have your dream kitchen. Just fill out the no obligation start your project form to receive personalized on site consultation and quote.



A remodeled kitchen increases the value of the home by 82% to 88% of the price of the remodel project.

Most likely your kitchen will reflect your personality but because the kitchen remodel is such a large investment you can’t let your design style run wild – the kitchen must blend with its surroundings. For example if you live in a brand new loft you probably shouldn’t select a country style kitchen. At the end of the day your style will be your decision and you need to love it because you’ll be living with your kitchen for at least 15-20 years.

One of the most exciting aspects of residential remodel work is watching a homeowner’s vision come to life! They often have spent months, or even years, dreaming of their ideal home and researching everything from tile patterns to paint colors. That being said, we truly value our homeowner’s ideas and work hard to make sure we provide the look that they want in each kitchen and bathroom remodel.